Class Announcements: 2014

Edwin Porter has reported the passing of his father Richard Porter  on Sunday August 24.  See Recent Memorials below for link to his obituary.
Posted August 28

Secretary  George Towner's Class Notes for the October 8 issue of the PAW are on the Secretary's page.
Posted August 25


Ed Tiryakian   emailed, "Last month I attended a World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama, Japan (July 13-19), and took the occasion to visit the Peace Museum in the midst of modern Hiroshima, which was 90% destroyed on August 6, 1945. A very moving experience."
Posted August 5

Ramsey Michaels sent a note,  "My wife Betty passed away July 17, just two weeks short of our 60th 
anniversary.  I am grieving, even with four children and many grandchildren surrounding me."  
Posted July 21

Bob Jiranek sent some great photos from the Sandwich, MA Mini Reunion.
George Towner advises:  As you might have guessed we are very proud of our updated website. I wanted to share with those of you who use IPhones or Ipads an easy way to access the ‘52 Website. While there is no App specifically for the ‘52 website, it can be accessed directly through the App known as "Safari”. The App looks like a compass needle. If you click on Safari a screen will come up with a place for you to type the URL address of the website. That is Then click on that link and voila you will have the website. You are able to bookmark the site so that it will easy to access in the future. Keep checking the site because we are getting new items on an almost daily basis. Posted July 11

Ben Harer  wrote: "Just a quick note that my wife of 61 years, Pamela (whom many classmates knew) quietly passed away 1 July with daughters Cindy and Karen and me at her side in our condo. She had an acute lymphoma."  Pamela graciously shared stories from her life in the 55th Reunion publication Our Lives: A Generation in Transition, The Women of '52 Tell Their Stories.
Posted July 10, 2014

Jim Baker writes about "My Friend, Eduard Shevardnadze" in the Washington Post.  See his article on the Class Forum page.
Posted July 10, 2014

Stokes Carrigan and wife Diane Carter are featured in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on July 7th with beautiful photos of their home on the Jersey Shore. Posted July 8, 2014  

George Gowen  has a letter published in the July 9 issue of PAW on the ROTC program.
Posted July 7, 2014 

Bob Eby sent the following notice.  Condolences go out to Paul Troutman on the loss of his wife LaVerne.
LaVerne J. Troutman, a resident of Fearrington [NC] since 2003, passed away peacefully on Friday, June 20 following a 2 1/2-year battle with acute leukemia. LaVerne is survived by her husband, Paul Troutman of Galloway Ridge, her daughters, Jennifer Troutman of Kansas City, Kansas and Heather Troutman of Fearrington Village, and her son, Gregory Blair Troutman of Seattle, Washington. Her memorial service will be held in several weeks at Galloway Ridge. The family has requested that donations be sent in lieu of flowers to either the Duke University Cancer Center or the Mary B. Wartluft Scholarship Fund at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Posted 6/24

class of '52 welcomes new honorary member
POSTED July 1, 2014
Put Brodsky shared a copy of Margaret Moore Miller's note to him following his visit with Bill and Mary Murdoch to tell her about being unanimously voted an Honorary member of the Class at the May 31st Executive Committee meeting.  Put said, "I also got an email from Ben Moore telling me how happy and excited she was about it - she had called him the evening of our visit." 

Dear Put,

                For the past week I have been simply glowing in the knowledge that I am now an honorary member of the Great Class of 1952.  As you know, I grew up with ’52 – hearing stories about all of you, reading about you in each and every ’52 class book, and even attending your 25th Reunion just after finishing my Freshman year at Princeton.

                It is such an honor to be a part of your very special Class and I will treasure it always.

                Thank you for this and for all you do for Princeton.  I look forward eagerly to wearing my beautiful new jacket in the P-rade and whenever the Class gathers.
                                                                               All my best,

Margaret is the Assistant Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Director of the Alumni Council for Princeton, and daughter of Classmate Benjamin A. Moore, Jr.

Varsity 8 shell donated
Posted 5/19/2014

Dan Duffield reported: April 25/26 marked a great weekend for Princeton Crews. Ed and Margery Masinter donated:
     1. A new racing shell named "1952”
     2. Funds to endow new shells as replacements, each one to be named "1952”
     3. Additional endowment to support annual expenses of Princeton rowing, one of the national’s foremost programs.

On hand were the living members of Princeton’s outstanding 1952 varsity eight, contender for the national championship and a close second to Olympic champion Navy: Ed, Charlie Harper, Dan Duffield and John Beck ’53. Others from ’52 were varsity letter winners Bill Murdoch and Charlie Renfrew plus Keith Dawson, our freshman cox. Deceased ’52 members of the ’52 eight, Bill Brokow and Ted Osius plus three-year JV veteran Bob Bennett were represented in style by their charming widows.


And Greg Hughes, Head Coach, Heavyweight Men's Rowing, posted on the Crew's website on May 2nd:

          Following the Carnegie Cup races, we had a very special event at the boathouse where we christened the new varsity 8 shell, 1952. The boat was a very generous gift from Ed Masinter '52 and his wife Margery in honor of the 1952 Princeton varsity crew that had a very successful season and then went on to compete in the 1952 Olympic trials. The four remaining members of the crew, including Ed Masinter '52, John Beck '53, Charlie Harper '52 and Dan Duffield '52, all returned to take part in the event, as did many of their family members and friends. It was an incredible event and a moving link to the legacy of rowing at Princeton. While much has changed in the 62 years since they last rowed for Princeton, so much of what we do has remained the same. It was an honor to be a part of such a special event. We have some great photos from the event now posted up on our Flickr page and you can find them at:

A plaque on the shell reads: "1952  This boat honors th 1952 Princeton University Heavyweight Varsity Crew that competed in the 1952 United States Olympic Rowing Trials, their esteemed fellow Heavyweight Crew Team Members and their admired Coach.

William V. Brokow '52          Bow
Donald P. Robinson '54       2
Brandon Hart '54                   3
Daniel M. Duffield '52           4
John C. Beck '53                   5
Charles L. Harper '52            6
Samuel L. Ertel '53                7
Theodore O. Osius '52          Stroke
Edgar M. Masinter '52           Coxswain and Captain
All of the other 1952 team members whose unstinting hard work, commitment and devotion to rowing for Princeton and to their team contributed so importantly to the achievement of excellence in Princeton rowing in 1952 and to the 1952 Varsity Crew's Olympic Trials opportunity.
Delos C. "Dutch" Schock          Coach
University of Washington '36

Gift of Margery and Edgar Masinter '52

Living History: Carter and Saunders' Reunion

President Jimmy Carter invited Dr. Hal Saunders, founder of Sustained Dialogue and Carter's Assistant Secretary of State, to Plains, Ga. this past April. We've heard their conversation was classified, so this photo will have to suffice!

A Man of God Who Rode for Freedom

Posted 2/6/2014

The February 5, 2014, Alumni Weekly publishes a fine tribute to our late classmate James W. Evans, under the heading, "A man of God who rode for freedom."  Jim was an Episcopal priest and a Freedom Rider in the 1960s who believed that "the faithful should do whatever they can to redress human suffering and world injustice."  The article includes police mug shots taken following Jim's arrest in Mississippi in 1961 for "breach of peace," a charge later withdrawn.  See pages 30-31 of the printed issue delivered to you this week, or go to the online Alumni  Weekly (above) and click on Jim's picture in the middle of the first page of the issue.

Countering Bias
Posted 2/6/2014 

Also in the same PAW, Poss Parham '52 has a letter on "countering bias" in the "Inbox" on page 3, and Guy Hollyday '52 is quoted on page 4 with a recollection about George Mather and a tuba (or a sousaphone).