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Fred Alling, August 28
George Aman, July 17, September 16
Ray Baldwin, October 18
Jack Blessing, October 28
Gil Bogley, December 10
Hale Bradt, September 19
Put Brodsky, August 30
Jerry Canter, February 18
Charles Carpenter, September 5
Mal Cleland, December 22
Robert Doherty, August 31, November 14
Bill Dunn, August 31
John Geyman, February 12
Bill Gough, September 21
Ben Harer, August 30
Bob Johnston, August 27
Hoby Kreitler, November 1
Gordon Lamb, January 11
Roy Lawrence, October 17
Thomas Leary, November 2
Bruce Macomber, September 19
Jeanne Master, September 21
Phil May, August 30
Roger McLean, September 4
Alex Mills, April 18
Roger McLean, January 25, May 27, September 4
John Moore, March 3
David Paton, October 17
John Peak, September 10
Malcolm Powell, August 28
Steve Rogers, September 5
John Sharpe, January 17, October 26
Dave Smith, February 1, August 29
Leigh Smith, September 9, December 12
Toby Strachan, September 6
Dick Talbott, August 28
Dom Telesco, October 21
Ed Tiryakian, February 22, April 19, June 5, August 2. September 5
Bill Trulio, August 29
Sam Van Culin, September 7
Wim van Eekeland, December 
Allen West, September 29
Lucius Wilmerding, January 20
Sandy Zabriskie, November 12

From: Win van Eekelen

Christmas Letter The Hague, December 2016 
Dear Friends,

In today’s world many parents are worried about the future of their children and grandchildren. Perhaps it has always been a concern, but in any case we are optimistic. All three grandchildren have done fine. They finished their studies with good marks and got a job. But around them there is a great deal of complaints, protest and anger, in spite of the fact that the Netherlands are doing quite well in comparison with our partners in the EU. We have a multi-party system (probably too many) which at least avoids the dual divisions within the UK and the US. Is it the avalanche of information resulting in many people turning off from news and politics, or is the speed of globalisation making the less-educated afraid of losing their job?

The upshot worldwide has not been encouraging. Referenda were held, but people did not vote on the question on the ballot paper, but were led by a general feeling of unhappiness. Disinformation was widespread and undermined representative democracy. In our view local referenda might have a role in determining the site of a new theatre, but not on complicated national issues, and certainly not about treaties resulting from an intensive negotiating process led by the European Commission (which tried to canvas the interests and opinions of all member states). For a small country like the Netherlands the role of the European Commission is essential because it tries to define common interests overarching national pressures.

Brexit came as a surprise. It will be bad for Europe, but worse for the UK. The victory of Donald Trump was even less expected, particularly after his foul- mouthing style and his campaign with many incorrect facts. Now the question will be what will become of his far-reaching statements on protectionism, multilateral trade agreements, climate policy, illegal immigrants and the Mexican border. We are sceptical and wonder how the free-traders in the Republican Party will react. The US as always been in a special position on trade which accounts only for 13% of GDP, but nevertheless is the third largest exporter worldwide..

We fear the loss of American leadership in a disintegrating world. We accept that Europe has to do more for its own security and defence. For too long we focused on peace-support missions outside Europe (where NATO usually is less involved) but now collective defence has again become a priority. Or rather deterrence: what will deter Putin from creating a sphere of influence along his western border. President Trump prides himself of being a deal-maker who could strike one with Russia. But what will he give up? For Europe the annexation of the Crimea was a violation of the agreement of 1975 of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (where Wim was present) that our borders could be changed only with mutual agreement. The problem is that in Europe we do not trust president Putin and it was Angela Merkel who showed that most clearly when she agreed to sanctions against Russia, which - thanks to her leadership - have been duly maintained and seem much more effective than some give them credit for.

Our personal lives have been much happier than the annus horribilis generally. We sailed with Holland America Line from Singapore to Hongkong, visited Vietnam for the first time and at the end met again with the boy Hanneke looked after when she was au pair in London 61 years ago. The incoming president of Taiwan invited us to her inauguration; as members of Liberal International we had been in touch with her party. Eurodefence brought us to Lisbon and Paris, meeting old friends who share our belief that Europe will have to do more for its own security. Hanneke attends the monthly meetings of International Woman’s Contact The Hague, which she helped found in 1974.

Last December Brill Publishers issued the third edition of Wim’s doctoral thesis of 1964 on Indian Foreign Policy and the Border Dispute with China, now 120 pages heavier. The dispute is still going on with almost daily incursions, largely due to the undemarcated status of the ‘line of actual control’. Both sides have strengthened their forces, but official contacts continue at the highest level.

We celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary in October and are most grateful for having been together all these years, for the love and care of Annemargreet, Peter, Gerard , Peter-Paul with Latoya, and Saskia, and for your friendship. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Wim and Hanneke van Eekelen

From: Mal Cleland
December 22, 2016
My health remains reasonably good.  We will enjoy Christmas with the family which now includes 4 sons, 6 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.  Life at The Cleland household is always busy and alwasy full of love !

From: Gil Bogley
December 10, 2016
Good, but brief visit with Sally & Hoby Kreitler in October after a fun cruise up the Hudson.  Lookin' great !

From: Leigh Smith
December 12, 2016
We are still holding our own as evidenced by the fact tht we are still at 167 Clinton Road (48 years!).  This summer we had the exterior trim on the house painted and installed a new roof.  Needless to say, we postponed our round-the-world cruise!  Joanna and David were in Cyprus for six weeks and we had Luci (their car) as a house guest while they were away.  They visited with us on both ends of their trip.  Geoffrey and Caroline are very busy keeping up with Violet's full social calendar!  She will be seven in February and is now in the second grade.  

Have a very Merry Holiday Season and a Happy New Year and good luck finding the locations of the NOELs [7-1/2] and Sugarplums [7] !  Answers will be posted later this month . . . .

The Nutcracker story is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year.  "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" is a story written in 1816, by E. T. A. Hoffman in which young Marie's favorite Christmas toy, the Nutcracker, comes alive and, after defeating the evil Mouse King in battle, whisks her away to a magical kingdom populated by dolls.  in 1892, Alexander Dumas pere's adaptation of the story was turned into the balled "The Nutcracker," which became one of Tschaikovsky's most famous compositions, and perhaps the most popular ballet in the world.

From: Robert Doherty
November 1, 2016
Granddaughter, Anna '17, is one of the tri-captains of Women's Lacrosse team this year, following in the footsteps of her Dad, Kelly, who was a captain in '81 of the men's team.  Proud grandpa !

From: Thomas Leary
November 2, 2016
Stephanie and I are in good health, and enjoying life in Coronado, Cal -- her home town, where we met in 1953 and married in 1954, after I returned from my first Navy cruise to Korean waters.

From: Jack Blessing
October 28, 2016
Phyllis and I now have two daughters in Florida, about 20 miles apart in Vero Beach and Sebastian, so we'll be spending four months this winter staying with them (Not mooching, but welcome).  We've lived happily in New Hampshire since I retired from GE 25 years ago, but winters up here have become less adaptable lately.  As for aging - I'm still in denial!  While down there will celebrate our 65th Anniversary with 25 family members.  That 65 years ago came during Christmas break in our senior year on 12/22/51. 

From: Sandy Zabriskie
November 12, 2016
As one who did not predict the outcome of the recent election, I am disappointed and grieving - and praying for the well-being of our country and the world . . . .   Personally, as Dr. Seuss said, "for the shape I'm in, I'm in good shape".  Will be travelling to Colorado, California, Minnesota, New York and Maryland before returning to Vermont at year's end.  With 5 kids, 12 grands, and 1 great-grand, I've been richly blessed.  Margy and I will celebrate 59 years of marriage in January.

From: Hoby Kreitler
November 1, 2016
Gill and Ann Bogley came east to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and Sally and Hoby were celebrating their 60th also. We had a terrific  visit.  " Gil still plays a great game of tennis"

From: John Sharpe
October 26, 2016
I've retired finally.  Lynne, my wife whom many knew my senior year, died in March of 2015.  I'm somewhat disabled by a stroke, can't walk without a cane [unstable] and won't be able to attend reunions.  

From: Roy F. Lawrence
October 17, 2016
I believe I've not previously reported Ann's death in July 2014, soon after we moved to Wisconsin.

From: David Paton
October 17, 2016
In August I published a biography of my father, R. Townly Paton '25, "Insight: R. Townly Paton and the World's First Eye Bank".  It is best available from - very favorable reviews, but I have not promoted it as yet.  Diane and I live in retirement in East Hampton, Long Island, and so far feeling quite well and active.

From: Ray Baldwin
October 18, 2016
When I next see you and say "Great to see you!" it's a BIG, meaningful comment at our ages!  We really mean it!  I will see you June '17.  My good news is no news.  Best, Ray.  *Wow!  65 years!  Yikes!

From: Dom Telesco
October 21, 2016
Just back in Palm Beach after 5 weeks in Europe.  Still playing golf [9 holes only].  All is well !!!

From:  Allen West
September 29, 2016
I'm off to Blacksburg, VA, to help celebrate my brother's book titled "Darwin's Man in Brazil" with family members and Virginia Tech, where he taught.  If my handwriting is a bit fuzzy, it's because of a slight stroke followed 3 weeks later by sepsis.  The stroke has left no after-effects, but the combination has made recovery to full health slow.  See you on the campus next Spring.

From:  Jeanne [Mrs. Jay] Master
September 21, 2016
Best wishes on a successful 65th anniversary reunion.  I miss you all, and I miss Jay.

From:  Bill Gough
September 21, 2016
We are now in our 36th year for the Foundation for Mind-Being Research - a non-profit that I started in 1980.  There is more background on FMBR at the website,    Next year on April 27th will be our 60th wedding anniversary for Marion and me.  We have two children, Barbara and Bill, and five grandchildren.
From:  Hale Bradt
September 19, 2016
Still cooking!  I still sing and play violin around Salem, Mass - and advise MIT freshmen for the 16th year since retirement.  I just finished a condensation of my Dad's WW2 story, Wilber's War.  [See Class Authors page for info on this book.]

From:  Bruce Macomber
September 19, 2016
Had a stroke [mild] to celebrate my birthday in August.  My one granddaughter, Jensen, is at the top of world rankings in robotics and a pretty good soccer player in the bargain.  Jeanne and I naturally ooze pride.  Grandson Dylan will obtain a doctorate of physical therapy next spring and Tyler will graduate from the University of Indianapolis in a couple of years.

From:  George Aman
September 16, 2016
The most recent Philadelphia area lunch was held in an elegant retirement community where Harvey Glickman is living and thriving.  Other attendees were Stokes Carrigan, George Brantz and me.

From:  John Peak
September 10, 2016
We are moving to a different apartment here in White Sands Retirement Community on November 1st.  Our new address is in the website Directory.

From:  Leigh Smith
September 9, 2016
This summer w had a new roof installed and the exterior or the house painted.  Needless to say we have postponed our round-the-world cruise !

From:  Sam Van Culin
September 7, 2016
Spent August in England visiting friends and familiar places.  Glad to see they are adjusting to "Brexit".  They are puzzled by our political situation and President Race.  Aren't we all !

From:  Toby Strachan
September 6, 2016
Alma and I are still living in our lakefront three-story condo in downtown Buffalo.  A few aches and pains but we're surviving very well.

From:  Charles Carpenter
September 5, 2016
We're really looking forward to the 65th, deo volente!

From:  Steve Rogers
September 5, 2016 
Our grandson Tajin has just begun his freshman year at Princeton as a member of the Class of 2020. He joins me and our daughter Kryston (P '79), Taj's father (our older son) Halsey (P '86), and our younger son John (P '88). So Kent and I will, assuming a normal progression, have a family reason to make our way up to Princeton every year for a major reunion after Taj graduates in 2020:
for Halsey's 35th in 2021,
for '52's 70th in 2022,
for John's 35th in 2023,
for Krys's 45th in 2024, and 
for Taj's 5th in 2025, 
to be repeated as the fates allow.  Kent and I didn’t plan it that way, but of course we're happy, having done the calculations.

From:  Ed Tiryakian
September 5, 2016
On September 5th Josefina and I celebrated our 63rd wedding anniversary - all's well!
From:  Roger McLean
September 4, 2016
Latie and I will be spending three weeks in China this month.

From:  Robert Doherty
 August 31, 2016 
Granddaughter Anna is one of the Captains of this year's Women's Lacrosse Team.

From:  William H. Dunn
August 31, 2016 
Slowing down, but still enjoying life in Santa Cruz.
From:  Put Brodsky
August 30, 2016
I joined my daughter Carolyn and family for a 2-week tour - my first visit -  to Ireland this August.  Beautiful country, good restaurants, fun pubs - everybody sings or plays an instrument - and finished in Edinburgh to take in the Festival and the Military Tattoo, a spectacular show.  Looking forward to seeing a lot of Classmates at out 65th

From:  Benson Harer
August 30, 2016 
Off to a cheetah preserve in Namibia next month.

From:  Phil May
August 30, 2016 
Staying very busy.

From: Malcolm Powell 
August 28, 2016 
Andrea and I are enjoying Sebastopol - cool nights and mild day temps 9
mi. from Pacific Ocean.  Fractured my jaw in a fall chasing our dog - will try to play more appropriately for my age. Andrea's downsized garden blooms all year here.  Four of our nine living children live here in the San Francisco Bay area and we are fortunate seeing the rest regularly.
From:  Dave Smith
August 29, 2016 
Will send a copy of the Army's news release on Ed Loeffler when it arrives.  Note - the plane crashed November 23n 1952.  Ed's son Gary was born December 11, 1952.

From:  Bill Trulio
August 29, 2016 
Health is very good.  Amusing myself at golf [middle eighties], house renovating and boating on the Chesapeake Bay.  Wife Ginny has finally retired.  I still consult 4 hours a week.  Life is good.  Son and daughter are now an age I would like to be.

From:  Fred Alling
August 28, 2016 
Marty [wife] and I still happily married [60 yrs in December '16].  Our three daughters with their families live nearby.  Still enjoy sailing with a son-in-law.

From:  Bob Johnston
August 27, 2016 
Bob's wife Nancy writes:   Unfortunately, Bob's Parkinson disease prevents him from attending the 65th reunion.  I know that makes his very sad as he loved the reunions and seeing his buddies so much.  Please keep him in your thoughts as you celebrate.

From:  Dick Talbott
August 28, 2016 
Dick Talbott and his wife of 62 years, Jo Ann, are residents in an apartment at an assisted living residence in Roanoke, Va. near their oldest 
daughter, Anne.  They have recently enjoyed seeing their friend and Dick's classmate Bob Jiranek who lives close by in Danville, Va.  Many good memories shared!!

From:  Ed Tiryakian
Posted August 3, 2016 
I had written to you in May [see June 6 posting] about my giving a keynote address at a meeting in Beijing and my using the trip to climb the Great Wall of China.  Last month I spent a week at an international meeting in Vienna, Austria, presented two well-received papers, and enjoyed a boat cruise on the green (formerly blue) Danube. Later this month I will be in Seattle to receive a book in my honor by a senior group of sociologists.  No further news until October and the fall luncheon of our Triangle area group.

From:  Bud Foulke
Posted July 24, 2016
Patty and I, as joint authors, won third place in the competition for Public Service articles, Division II sponsored by the New York State Associated Press Association.  Our series of four articles covered the choice between aging in place and moving to a retirement community, understanding the structure of retirement communities, calculating their costs, and organizing a search for ones that would fit you.  The articles, first published in the Glens Falls Post-Star, a regional daily, are still available online at 

From:  George Aman
Posted July 18, 2016
This is to report that last Wednesday our group held its best-yet regional gathering, held at Harvey Glickman’s elegant retirement community, Foulkeways at Gwynned. Gwynned is Welsh for "far away” (joke). It’s in rural Northern Montgomery County. Stokes drove from Beach Haven "down the Shore” and met me at the Merion Cricket Club. We drove together to Harvey’s, while George Brantz drove separately from his home in Eastern Montgomery County. Harvey greeted us at the entrance to the Clubhouse and led us to the grill. There we lingered over a delicious lunch in the grill, for which Harvey refused to accept reimbursement. Then we took an elevator the second floor, and settled into lounge chairs looking out over an expansive lawn fitted with a bocche court and a modified croquet course. Our nonstop conversation continued there for well over another hour. Just a delightful time.

Hope everyone has a healthy and relaxing summer.

From:  Ed Tiryakian
Posted June 6, 2016
I was invited to give a keynote address on globalization in Beijing, China, May 20-22, and took the occasion to take a walk on the Great Wall of China, one of the wonders of the world.

From:  Roger McLean
Posted May 31, 2016
You may have noticed in the press that our current ambassador to Vietnam is Ted Osius III, son of our Ted Osius. For mention of his career, check page 504 in our 50th Reunion book. I believe it was PBS (Nightly News) that did a special story on his enthusiasm for his assignment, learning the language, living with his partner and young son, and biking around the country to meet the people. He made the preparations for Obama's historic visit.
From:  Alex Mills
Posted May 7, 2016

At our 25th Reunion classmate Fred Schumacher told me about a 1960's scam in Arizona.  Off and on for almost 39 years, I have been attempting to resolve all the residual problems at the Buena Vista Ranch, which still includes 1,800 acres on the Mexican border just east of Nogales, AZ.  The original project was for a retirement community of 3,500 homes on 3,000 acres.  Starting in 2017, I believe my children will finally have about 300 acreage lots to sell and, if so, it will be the first time one of the many similar scams in Arizona has been successfully resurrected, albeit on a greatly reduced scale.

From:  Ed Tiryakian
Posted April 19, 2016

The Triangle Area group had its spring luncheon on April 11. Joining Josefina and myself were: Bill Pritchard, Bob Dougherty, Bob Ebie, Bob Jiranek, Banks Anderson, Edmund Tiryakian '78. Guest speaker was Professor Laurent Dubois '92 of the Duke Romance Studies Department, who gave us a presentation on the history of the banjo in the history of the Atlantic.

From:  Dave Smith
Posted March 26, 2016

I thought you would be interested to read Anabelle Loeffler's email about the Army's findings. Ed Loeffler was on a B-52 with 52 members on board, flying to Alaska in November 1952. The crash site was not discovered until June 2012 as it was covered by ice. Anabelle, Ed's sister, and Gary, Ed's son are the only immediate family still living.Ed was my roommate at Princeton and since he had a ROTC commission, he felt real lucky to be assigned to Alaska instead of Germany at the time.

Anabelle wrote:  I don’t know where I left off regarding Edwin. Bone and flesh tested positive for his DNA. The investigation is on going, but so far 17 passengers are ID’d. Some time in Feb there will be a briefing at Gary’s home with Dawn, his case worker, and an attending officer. Forms to fill out, etc. Gary is leaning toward burial at Arlington or some national cemetery. If Arlington is his choice, a burial will be this summer as it takes a few month’s wait. If I am invited (and I would be disappointed if I wasn’t), the Army will arrange for transportation although I probably will visit my family in Front Royal and go to Washington from there.

From:  John Moore
Posted March 26, 2016
Did George Newlin tell you about his 85th birthday piano concert at the Century Ass'n In New York?  He played very well and drew a good crowd.  I was there with Kathy Forgan, widow of Russ.

From:  Ed Tiryakian
Posted March 2, 2016
In between going to our winter executive committee meeting, had a very pleasant dinner in New York with John Moore on February 17. On Saturday morning, February 19, heard George Newlin celebrate his 85th birthday by giving before an enthusiastic audience at the Century Club an all-Beethoven piano sonata recital."
From:  Jerry Canter
Posted March 3, 2016
Dorothy and I were invited to the swearing in of Lt. Gen. Nadja West as the 44th Surgeon General of the Army.  She was one of my students when I was on the faculty of George Washington Med School, in the eighties.  Dr. West is the first African-American woman to be appointed Surgeon General!

From:  John Geyman
Posted February 13, 2016
Thanks for your card on my 85th birthday. Here is a brief update here.  My lovely wife, Gene, died four years ago of Alzheimer's after 56 years of marriage. I was remarried to Emily more than two years ago. We continue to enjoy living in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. I am still writing on health care, with my latest book, The Human Face of ObamaCare: Promises vs. Reality and What Comes Next, released last month. Am a member of the United Flying Octogenarians (UFOs) and still fly actively.  Hope all goes well with you. Best, John Geyman

From:  Roger McLean

Posted January 25, 2016
     Roger McLean congratulates our adopted grandchild Chris Young '02 for his notable pitching for Kansas City in the World Series Championship.
     Attending the Harvard game in Cambridge were Roger and Latie McLean, George and Marcia Gowen, and Tootsie and Lefty Thomas.  Also present were Geoff and Clare Nunes.  All were grateful the first quarter remained scoreless.  No so pleased about the 42-7 final outcome. [11/2/2015]

From:  Lucius Wilmerding
Posted January 20, 2016
"Still alive" is his answer to "How are you?", and pretty fit, says Adda.

From:  John Sharpe
Posted January 17, 2016
I've been in a retirement home in Chambersburg [PA] since March.  My wife Lynn (whom many of the Clas met in the Dean's Office) expired March 31 - this was connected to a head injury at tennis.

From:  Gordon Lamb
Posted January 11, 2016
Anita and I are now Florida residents ensconced in The Dartmouth enclave of Harbour Ridge in Palm City.  Wonder spot but very few Princetonians.