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Gerry Andlinger, January 26
Ray Baldwin, June 5
Put Brodsky, May 11
Chris Eisgruber, June 1
Executive Committee to Put Brodsky, June 1
John Geyman, February 13
Howard Hallengren, March 28
Porter Hopkins, February 10
Bob Jiranek, March 3
Roger McLean, May 5
Paul Mueller, February 4, May 14
Skip Nalen, June 19
Carol (Mrs. Hal) Saunders, January 15

Chris Eisbruger '83 H52 note to Put Brodsky > > > 

Princeton, NJ
June 1, 2017

Dr. John Putnam Brodsky
85 Thornbrook Drive
Shrewsbury, NJ 07707-4352

Dear Put:

Having worked with you or watched you during your term as President of this Class we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your outstanding leadership and service to the Class, and indirectly to the University.

Your service as President really began at the 2012 Reunion, because John Clutz who was elected President was too sick to serve actively. Following his death in the spring of 2013 and until now you have served most energetically and skillfully in the office of President.

First, you were always there: attending every P-rade; chairing three executive committee meetings each year; attending every Service of Remembrance and every other ceremony at Princeton involving the Class; every Mini; and finally travelling to many services of remembrance, such as those for Dan Duffield in Quantico, Hal Saunders in Washington and George Newlin. Your car almost drives itself from Shrewsbury to Princeton from the innumerable times it has travelled that route.

If showing up is half the story, the other half of it was more time consuming, and it occurred behind the scenes as you led to ensure that all those activities were successful. That includes intensive work with David Smith on the Mini Reunions and with Mary Murdoch on this our best and possibly our last major Reunion as a Class.

You led the Executive Committee in meetings that could have become contentious discussions, such as those about which projects to select as new "Enduring Marks� and receive money from the Class Treasury. You minimized controversy by your patience and firmness. Classmates and Associates came to these Committee meetings because they were bonding experiences with you leading them.

Your email messages and letters held the Class together, but again, you did more behind the scenes by email and telephone than most of us know, for instance searching for replacements on the Executive Committee. You led the Annual Giving drive each year, assisting Don Malehorn and Ed Masinter who produced astounding totals of giving.

Truly this must have been a labor of love. And we love you back Put. We will remember you with gratitude for your extraordinary service and friendship.


Former Class Presidents: Executive Committee:
Stephen H. Rogers Geoffrey Nunes
James C. Parham, Jr. John Moore
Joseph L. Bolster, Jr. Walter G. Culin
Hobart C. Kreitler Robert J. Jiranek
Rogers S. Berlind Joseph W. Handelman
William F. Murdoch, Jr. Robert C. Lamperti
Roger D. McLean Barry C. Loper
Edgar M. Masinter
Existing Officers: David M. Smith
George C. Towner, Jr. Alexandra Tatnall
Secretary-Treasurer Edward A. Tiryakian
George M. Aman III
Vice President

From: Skip Nalen
June 19

A few reflections on our 65th. I will admit I had very little enthusiasm in attending our reunion. My initial reluctance sprung from the fact that it was really the first gathering that was so markedly impacted by the loss of so many close classmates, roommates, club mates, team mates etc. NeverthelessI decided to attend briefly. As it turned out, thanks to a special session scheduled early in the weekend, the loss of our classmates was memorialized in poignant service conducted respectfully by Sam Van Culin and others at thenearby Presbyterian church. Subsequently, there followed lots of happy "reunioning", plenty of reminiscing and, of coursethe sharing of greatpride over the accomplishments of so many classmates Jim Baker and his remarks at our class dinerwas certainly a highlight and a reminder of a classmate who has in so many ways made his mark as a "Princetonian in the Nation's Service". And ofcourse the P-rade.....a bit oflimping, some canes, but lots of spirit. We may be old, butwe're not finished! In summary, ahappy gathering with many lastingmemories, even thoughsome of them bittersweet. I'm glad I attended! Warm regards, Skip Nalen

From: Ray Baldwin
June 5

Mates, ladies and all:  A long trip home for us (drive-wait, fly-late, drive carefully: 12 hrs), but happy.  From the Baldwins’ perspective this was a wonderfully planned and executed Reunion. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially our classmates, who were open and gregarious.  A special thanks to emeritus president Put for his five years of planning, administering and especially communicating. Great job, m’boy!  Additionally, this is a note to thank all of you, among others, who made this 65th a delight for those of us from the hinterlands. Eleanor adds: "We were superbly spoiled by the efficient and tireless crew, the golf cart transportation and the excellent meals, among other things. Well done, team!”  Earlier this year when I got the slate of our ongoing executive team I thought what a great decision by the Nominating Comm. to have lots of back-up, that is, participating members of the Leadership Team. Good thinking. And good people.  We salute all you folks. AND WISH YOU THE BEST.  Ray and Eleanor

From: Paul Mueller
May 14

I went to visit John Sharp in Chambersburg, PA. He was having a pacemaker put in back in January when his heart was punctured. He was taken by helicopter to Hershey Medical Center where after open heart surgery the puncture hole was sutured. Some complications developed, and John has been in the skilled care unit at the retirement community where he had been living. He has been having PT and OT. The day that I visited his Occupational Therapist took him to his apartment to see how he got around on his walker in preparation for his return several days after my visit. He was so happy to see some of his neighbors and was in fine spirits. John's son and grandson are the 5th and 6th generation of lawyers practicing in the office in Chambersburg.

On another front John Parker, one of my roommates for our 4 years at P'ton, rappelled from a 13 story Portland, Maine office building for a charitable cause on Saturday. He was told that he would be the oldest US citizen to do such a thing. Five years ago he did the same thing, and there was much PR and a picture in the Portland newspaper. On Saturday there was nothing!! However, he made it down safely. [Photo from 2014]

Hope to see you at our Reunion. 

From: Roger McLean
May 5
To escape the election mess, we flew in September to Honolulu to spend a few days with our nephew Tim, niece Li Ann, and her son Kyler (10) before continuing on to Hong Kong and a Tauck Tour of the major cities of China, with four days on the Yangtze.  Included were visits to the Three Gorges Dam the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Great Wall and a South China cruise along the tranquil Li River.  Our tour was strenuous and a bit overwhelming for someone our age.  We celebrated our 60th \Wedding Anniversary with our companions and had many good experiences over the three weeks.

From: Put Brodsky
May 11

Jim Baker yesterday giving the 2017 Taplin Lecture for the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI), a Conservative Approach to Climate Change.  Baker has joined with former US Secretary of State George Shultz, former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson Jr and other Republicans to develop a tax plan for carbon emissions that is based on conservative principle of are markets and limited government. He spoke for about a half hour and then took questions.. It was a good overview and he presented it well. A good crowd with some thoughtful questions, I didn’t see an other 52’er’.

From: Howard Hallengren
March 28
         Life has been anything but dull lately, since I had a bad fall right after Thanksgiving last year and spent the month of December in the hospital. Since then I’ve been in rehab and now work with my trainer, and hopefully will be able to get around on my own again before too long.  
          Immediately before the fall, I arranged to have my novel published. I had worked on it – Reminiscences of an Accidental Embezzler – for a number of years after I retired and finally decided to have it published. It is a fictionalized version of attempted embezzlements by a couple of guys who worked for me back at the Chase Manhattan Bank in the 1980’s. I’m glad that I had it published and appreciate the comments of friends who have read it.
          I hope 52's upcoming reunion is great!
Regards, Howard

From: Bob Jiranek
March 3
        The enclosed jpeg of my undergraduate roommate, Dick Talbott, and his long suffering wife, Joann, was taken in Roanoke the Monday after attending Alumni Day in Princeton.
          Dick, Geoff Nunes and I were undergraduate members of Tiger Inn. At the meeting in Princeton on Friday preparing to join the Old Guard we reflected on our heritage and many changes since 1952 not only in ourselves but in the University as well. After the meeting Paul Benacerraf summed it up very positively noting change is good when it is the result of empirical research. In the case of Geof Nunes, however and who was at the meeting, Dick and I noted that Nunes still defies empirical research.

Best, Bob

From: John Geyman
February 13
Year 86 in a few days but still active.  Attached is brief summary of activities including new book coming out next month. All the best to you.
     John Geyman, M.D. is professor emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, where he served as Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine from 1976 to 1990.  As a family physician with over 21 years in academic medicine, he also practiced in rural communities for 13 years.  He was the founding editor of The Journal of Family Practice (1973 to 1990) and the editor of The American Journal of Family Medicine from 1990 to 2003.  Since 1990 he has been involved with research and writing on health policy and health care reform.  His latest book, released in January 2016 is The Human Face of Obamacare: Promises vs. Reality and What Comes Next.  His forthcoming book, Crisis in U. S. Health Care: Corporate Power vs. the Common Good, will be released in March 2017.  He is a member  of the National Academy of Medicine, and served as the president of Physicians for a National Health Program from 2005 to 2007.

From: Porter Hopkins
February 10
I blow smoke up my tail by sending this, but there may be some classmates interested and perhaps "inspired" to do their own thing.  I hope we all realize we can't take our "stuff" with us.  For the record, some of my memorable shoots were on Lake Carnegie after Bill Brokow told me how many ducks the early crew practice put up on the lake.  Charlie Stout, '53, and I had a grand time and only arrested once.  That was on Walker Gordon property where ducks went to escape us.  With best wishes to the Class of '52 in their 65th year out.  I'm amazed I'm still around & still doing my thing.

From: Paul Mueller
February 4
Jane and I are no longer going to Palm Desert, CA for the winter months. House sold earlier this year. We shall miss the warmer temperatures. Planning a Bourbon Trail trip to Louisville in May after the Kentucky Derby weekend to celebrate with Anne, our oldest daughter who is turning 60, middle daughter Cathy '81, three granddaughters all above the legal drinking age, two young gentlemen friends and Anne's husband. Anne and I are trying and sipping different bourbons as part of the planning!! Jane and I continue to enjoy our life at Willow Valley, a wonderful retirement community with assisted living, skilled care and dementia care, which I refer to as Wrinkle Valley. So if any classmate is still driving around and has a trip passing through Amish country, please give me a call as it would be fun to catch up.

From: Gerry Andlinger
January 26
The inevitable creep towards the front has worked at least one more time. I've had all the joys of a long life, children and grandchildren (and all the trials and tribulations), death of family, hip replacement, etc.  Joy and the sense of satisfaction at the official opening of the " Andlinger Center for Energy & The Environment", granddaughter Vail just receiving her early admission to Princeton and now we will try for our next in line.  Hoping that my body parts all hold together, I'll make reunions this year.

From: Carol (Mrs. Hal) Saunders
January 15
Dear Friends, Even more than usual, I am thinking of Hal as I hear the news: 
Hal received the President's Award for Distinguished Civilian Service in 1980. Vice President Biden received this award with a rare additional cluster (like the Pope & 3 other civilians).
Civil Rights icon John Lewis spoke his mind and was maligned by the president-elect. Mr Lewis received the first National Dialogue Award from Hal's Sustained Dialogue Institute. (This year's awardee was Supreme Court associate justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg).
What a week!