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George Aman, January 21
Banks Anderson, April 25
Pete Cartwright, June 24
Bob Eby, April 14
Karis Cha '18, January 6
Bob Jiranek, April 17
Box Ruxin '76, August 2
Dave Smith, August 8
Carol Saunders, May 14
Ed Tiryakian, July 29

From: Dave Smith
August 8, 2018

Dear Classmates - The Smiths are back in Houston, Texas

Lois and I arrived back in Houston Monday afternoon, August 6th after driving 4,500 miles roundtrip. We were scheduled to spend two days in Camden, Maine after our cruise but decided at 6:00 PM with Lois coughing we needed to get Lois to her home town (Bingham) where she has friends and get some medicine. We reached Bingham at 9 PM in a thunderstorm Saturday night. Sunday morning at 4 AM Dave woke up with an earache.and then both ears ruptured. Our son in law, John, in Houston had medicine provided by the Bingham Drug store at 9:30 AM Monday morning. We began our recovery but decided to spend two days in Bingham to rest. My A.T.&T. cellphone did not have service in Bingham which added to the drama while Lois's Verizon cellphone would function when she was in line with the Verizon tower in Moscow, Maine.  I saw my Houston Ear Doctor ( Princeton '83) yesterday, August 7th and am slowly getting my hearing back. Lois still has a little cough.  We enjoyed the cruise and the companionship of all the classmates. Unfortunately the respiratory ailment we all contacted makes future mini reunion cruises questionable. We were saddened to learn that Ellen was in the hospital and hope by now she has recovered.

Best regards to all. Lois and Dave Smith

From: Bob Ruxin '76
August 2, 2018
Here is a link to the online guide to the Dick Kazmaier papers held at the Princeton University Archives. You can view it here:  I had the honor to work with Dick from 1986 until his death.  
Sincerely, Bob Ruxin '76, President, Kazmaier Associates, Inc.

Editor's note: For those of you who share classes with Dick, this might be of particular interest as it the collection includes Dick's class reports, notes, etc. together with scrapbooks, awards, and other items of interest.

From: Ed Tiryakian
July 29, 2018
Just back from Toronto attending, with 6000 persons, the World Congress of Sociology, where I gave two well-received papers. Highlight for me was to meet Alex Mills, who took me on a grand tour of this bustling metropolis.

From: Roger McLean
July 2018
Roger and Latie McLean attended a packed memorial service in Falmouth, Maine, for John Parker in July at the church near his home on the shore of Casco Bay. All four of his children spoke lovingly of his life, principally of his favorite sports, skiing, tennis and chasing lost golf balls. John was well known in the Portland area and was noted, among other things, for adventurous rappelling off high buildings for a good cause at an advanced age. He had struggled with a form of bone marrow cancer for most of the year.

From: Pete Cartwright            
May 14, 2018  
I am doing well, keeping active on Boards at University of California, Santa Cruz and other activities.  A busy semi-retirement at my home overlooking Monterey Bay.  I'd welcome any visitors who are in this area.

From: Carol [Mrs. Hal] Saunders

May 14, 2018  

Hal left all his papers - 25 years at State & 35 at Sustained Dialogue/Kettering to George Mason's School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution. Their library is digitizing all 50 or so archival boxes.  I commissioned a portrait of Hal to hang in GMU's new conference center, Point of View, that they've named The Rosalynn & Jimmy Carter Center - a mini Camp David. I hope to have an unveiling mid - late November w/presentations by some GMU students who used Hal's papers in their research. I hope you'll be able to come.

From: Bob Eby
April 14, 2018 
Connie and I are staying active while enjoying life here at The Cedars retirement community.  Still raveling a lot - NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Wisconsin, and some to Lewis & Clark territory.  Also go each year to Santa Fe, NM for a week of opera.

From: Bob Jiranek

April 17, 2018  
Under the leadership of Ed Tiryakian members of the Class of 1952, along with other Princetonians, met on April 16th for our annual spring luncheon in Durham, N.C.

The bottle of Seavy wine shown in the picture was provided by Ed and illustrates the importance pf past achievement that continues. Bill Seavy's family, sons and daughter, Dorie, maintain and improve the family goal of providing fine Estate Wine.

At the gathering Dr. Kieran Healy, a Princeton PhD, gave a review of how graphics may be used for digital analysis and understanding. Poorly done, Dr. Healy showed how digital analysis can result in "fake news", although he did not use the term, "fake news".
We are pleased that Ed is doing such a fine job of keeping us focused. His reward will be in Heaven.

From: Banks Anderson

April 25, 2018
Nancy and I have a small cottage at The Forest at Duke CCRC in Durham, NC. Two of our 3 children and families are within 45 minutes and the youngest daughter and family are in the process of moving from Natick, MA to Vienna, VA… 4.5 hrs distant by car. Nancy and I are celebrating our first great grandchild. I confess it does seem odd to me that my daughter is a grandmother. Hope you and yours are doing well.

From: George Aman
January 21, 2018

HI George and All:

               As indicated by the message below Ellen and I attended the service for Gary yesterday. It was superb, in every detail. Not to be missed. I’ll send a copy of the program to anyone who wants one (It’s 6 pages).



"Dear Mrs. Andlinger and Family:

               I am writing as the President of the Class of ’52 to express to you the deepest sympathy of the Class on the death of your husband Gary who was our loyal and respected Classmate.  

                My wife Ellen and I attended your beautiful service yesterday celebrating Gary’s life held in the Princeton University Chapel. We heard the words of respect and gratitude from Princeton’s President and Gary’s colleagues and then the  loving remembrances from his family. We sang  the hymns and listened to the beautiful music (the magical flute). All of that gave us a wonderful picture of Gary and his family.  

               Then we enjoyed the fine hospitality at the reception in the Andlinger Center. There we met several people who had worked with Gary, including two who described him as "spiritual” and "a great man.” We are sorry we did not meet you.  However we will have fond memories of the occasion, and the Class will long remember Gary.  

George M. Aman III,

Class President”

From: Karis Cha '18
January 9, 2018
My name is Karis Cha, and I am a student at Princeton University, in part thanks to the Bruce A. Beery, Class of 1952, Scholarship.  I just wanted to reach out and say "thank you" for allowing me the privilege to attend this prestigious school that would have been beyond my wildest dreams.

I am graduating this year from the Woodrow Wilson School.  I have been focusing on health policy and international development; my thesis is on family structure in India (specifically, how parents' marital quality affects children's health).  On campus, I am mainly involved in Manna Christian Fellowship, in which I serve as a junior small group leader, and Six14 Christian Dance Company, for which I am the president.  I have enjoyed many wonderful friendships born out of my time at Princeton, as well as much academic and spiritual enrichment.  again, thank you for your family's contribution to my stay here.

Please let me know if you are on campus in the coming semester, and I would be glad to meet you or show you around campus.  My email is                                Blessings, Karis Cha