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Ed Tiryakian – 4/24/2020
Since the corona virus lockout has caused a temporary postponement of the May Lunch meeting of our Durham-Chapel Hill Princeton ‘52 members, let me offer as a class note a Princeton anecdote from my memory bank.  
In the fall of 1952, as I started graduate studies at Harvard, I heard on the radio that Adlai Stevenson, presidential candidate for the upcoming elections, was holding a press conference at the nearby Commodore Hotel the next day. This seemed to be a unique opportunity to meet Governor Stevenson, whom I greatly admired.  I got a card, wrote my name and added in bold letters New Jersey Weekly News (fictitious). To my surprise this was sufficient to let me in to the press conference.

During the Q and A that followed his talk, I raised my hand and said: “Governor Stevenson, I read that your son has been accepted at Harvard. As a recent Princeton graduate, I wonder how could you, a committed Princetonian, approve your son going to Harvard and not to Princeton?” This created a stir among the audience to which Stevenson, with a benign professional smile, responded: “Good question”, adding something like “… to tell the truth, my son was accepted at Harvard and not at our alma mater.” 


George Aman - 4/8/2020
We have no COVID at White Horse Village [Newtown Square, PA] yet. No visitors are allowed, and our meals are brought to us for reheating, every other day. All activities have been suspended too. We order supplies on line and pick them up at curbside at the grocery store.  I’d be interested to learn how many of our Classmates are in retirement communities.  Stay safe everyone.  


Carol Saunders - 4/8/2020  
Dear ‘52 ers, I miss you all A LOT.  However, I’m fine, no COVID here at Vinson Hall [Fairfax, VA] yet, so I am able to get out in this  beautiful weather & walk around campus.  I recently spoke w/Steve Roger’s son Halsey who reported Green Spring [Springfield, VA] has 2 cases, & his Dad is confined to his apartment.  Steve would greatly appreciate calls from any classmates/spouses to lessen the tedium & keep focused & alert.  

Malcolm "Toby" Strachan – 3/18/2020 
My surviving classmates are entering their tenth decade of life.  I will join them in August.  Meantime, I am doing well in my wheelchair, and prosthetic leg and walker.  I can do nearly all the things I did before he amputation, in May 2018.  While Alma and I are both frail, we are amazed we’re still around.  Alma is 90 already.  Best to all!

Colden Florance - 3/11/2020
Retired nine years ago at 80.  Playing tennis twice a week and golf once a week, trainer twice a week.  Good social life with other octogenarians.  Go into office occasionally to brainstorm concepts [architectural].

George Lambrakis writes from Paris that his diplomatic memoir "So You Want to be a Diplomat?" subtitled "An American Diplomat's Progress from Vietnam to Iran, Fun, Warts and All" has been published by Xlibris and is also on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It mentions several classmates with whom George served and is favorably reviewed by four retired Foreign Service officers and a former N.Y. Times journalist who calls it "As riveting as the reporting of the best foreign correspondents, but enhanced by the objectivity and perspective of a skillful historian. One of the most compelling books on the inner workings of American diplomacy to be written in a long time."

Chuck Carpenter – 1/31/2020  
To bring you up on our activities, Sally and I both retired about two years ago, and moved to an active retirement community in Falmouth, Maine.  Choice of place was largely due to the fact that all three of our sons and most of our grandchildren live nearby in Southern Maine.  I do miss the active practice of medicine, but can’t ask for a better retirement situation.

Walter Liebman - 1/18/2020  
. . . and still breathing.

Robert Max ter Horst - 1/18/2020  
I recently survived a spinal [epidural] abscess.  Doctor says I’ve made a “remarkable recovery”.  My book “Eclogue, Ode, Sonnet - Garcilaso de la Vega and Classical Antiquity” is under review with the University of Toronto Press.  A current big project is “Henry Adams & the High Culture of the American Gilded Age”.  Also a couple of articles on Spanish poetry.  Read paper on Alcevedo at SRBHP [Society for Renaissance & Baroque Hispanic Poetry] Irvine CA.  Health uncertain but live independently 8/10 miles from my daughter Nell.

Margo Fish [Mrs. Howard MacFarland Fish] W’52 - 1/15/2020  
Having married “Mac” Fish his junior year with the permission of Dean Godolphin, I gratefully feel as his widow, the deepest gratitude to be connected to his “our” class.   His [Mac’s] spirit remains in this being’s life.  I enclose the cover of my book published two years ago, “Changing the Image of God from Human to Energy”.  My advisors urged me to publish my thesis.  I now spend my winters in St. Petersburg, Fla., returning to “Tapawingo” Lake Placid in summers.  Hope to see you in Princeton for Reunion 2020.    

Robert Diefenbach - 1/12/2020  
We are currently spending six months in Fort Myers, Florida five months in New York City, and a month in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  I am active with the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra and Fort Myers Community Concert Association, Ruth with the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, these keep us just busy enough.

Alex Mills - 1/7/2020  
Don’t know if it is a case of being too stubborn or too stupid to quit [or both], but I am still struggling to convert our family’s 1,800 acre ranch on 3 miles of the US/Mexico border in Arizona into some sort of worthwhile development.  The original project [by others] was for a 3,500 home retirement community.  In recent years, for obvious reasons, our location has had little appeal for that use.  Finally there is a new need for industrial parks on the AUS/Mexico border, where it will be much safer for US companies wanting to do business in Mexico, where crime has become a huge problem, to locate their investments in plants and equipment.  Meeting this need will require a new border crossing and a 2-mile rail connection.  Lots of interesting possibilities.  Fingers crossed!

John Sprague - 1/10/2020  
Thank you for the reference in the latest Princetonian Class Notes. Unfortunately, probable due to my penmanship, there are two errors. Jid and I have been married 67, not 57 years, and we were married on June 19, not 18. She returned to Smith to complete her senior year, and I went to sea for the next 3 years. Anyway, it is nice to be mentioned at all.

Paul Lindsay - 1/2/2020  
Since retirement in 1999 - volunteered in non=profit providing housing and other services for mentally ill - then in community organization providing training and support to low income people - and various church activities.  I have retired from these efforts, and in 2019-200 I am spending all my volunteer time knocking on doors - i.e., canvassing, for the Democratic party.

Gilbert Bogley - 1/1/2020  
Anne and I consider ourselves lucky indeed - both in good health after 63 years together  we live in a wonderfully beautiful area - Traverse City, Michigan and Lake Leelanau.  Our three children are all happily married and successful and have given us seven grandchildren to spoil. I stay active with fly-fishing, golf, bridge, Rotary; we both enjoy cruising the waters of America, and of course, time spent with family and friends.  Life has been good to us in this place we love.

2018 Notes From: 

George Aman, January 21
Banks Anderson, April 25
Dewitt Bowman, October 6
Pete Cartwright, June 24
Neil Clements, October 8
Jim Crutcher, October 8
Bob Eby, April 14, October 22
Karis Cha '18, January 6
Albert Gilgen, October 6
Benson Harer, October 17
Bob Jiranek, April 17
George Lambrakis, October 10
Bob Lamperti, October 5
Walter Liebman, October 4
Edgar Masinter, October 15
Ernestine Peak w52, October 15
Jim Rockwell, October 15
Box Ruxin '76, August 2
Dave Smith, August 8
Carol Saunders, May 14
Jack Sprague, October 7
Toby Strachan October 12
Robert ter Horst, October 6
Ed Tiryakian, July 29, October 29

From: Ed Tiryakian
October 29, 2018

On October 22, 2018, the Princeton Triangle Area luncheon group had its autumn meeting. Classmates attending were Paul Lindsay, Banks and Nancy Anderson, and Bob Jiranek. In addition we had associate members Clark Havighurst P55, Peter Fish P60, and Edmund Tiryakian P78. Guest speaker was Dr. Stuart Knechtl, P78, pf the Duke Department of Surgery who presented current research on organ transplants.  As part of our tradition, we drank a toast to Bill Seavey, from one of his Napa Valley cabernet.

Bill's daughter Dorie wrote:  Dear Gentlemen, What an honor it is to receive your very kind tribute and toast to my father –plus the wonderful photo! You are so very thoughtful; this would mean the world to my father. I will share your email with my four brothers. I happen to be in Toulouse, France right now for the birth of my second granddaughter—so my father and mother would be great grandparents. I’ve heard it said about being a grandparent: "Hey, if I’d known it was this great, I would have had them first!” A photo of the new life is attached. Other notable family news: My father’s grandson, Jason Seavey, just started his sophomore year at Princeton!  I certainly salute George Schultz ’42 for his recent OpEd piece in the New York Times, and I know my father would have too.  With my family’s warmest regards to all of you,  Dorie Seavey

From: Bob Eby
October 22, 2018
Still traveling while we can.  Took Road Scholar trips to US Northwest (Lewis & Clark), Santa Fe Opera, and Musician Nahsville & Memphis.  Going to France in November on a North Carolina Symphony Patrons trip to Rennes.  Planning on Iceland next June.

From: Benson Harer
October 17, 2018
Just returned from tour of Greek Isles with my girlfriend.  Travel while you can!

From: Jim Rockwell
October 15, 2018
Laid up about four weeks with a bad case of pneumonia.  Now use oxygen - hopefully temporarily 

From: Ernestine Peak w52
October 15, 2018
No news - great to be in touch.

From: Edgar Masinter
October 15, 2018
All goes well.  Just returned from a walking trip in the beautiful Douro River Valley of Portugal with Margie.  Lots of Port and other good Portuguese wines.  Five grandchildren in college.  Two at Middlebury, one at Colorado College, one at Air Force Academy, and one at Princeton, Class of 2020.  The sixth is still in middle school.  We are lucky and happy.

From: Toby Strachan
October 12, 2018
I'm sorry to report that I had my left leg amputated on May 12 as a result of infection [venous ulcer].  I'm now in rehab, learning how to walk again with a prosthetic leg.

From: George Lambrakis
October 10, 2018
Sorry that living in Paris and spending summers by the beach in lower Brittany means I can't join in the many class activities.  But I still hope to make it to one more class reunion before I too embark for the great university in the sky!

From: Neil Clements
October 8, 2018
Our medical family tradition continues into the 4th generation.  Father-in-law: surgeon; me: surgeon; wife: RN; son: pulmonologist; daughter-in-law: pathologist; granddaughter: ophthalmologist resident.

From: Jim Crutcher
October 8, 2018
My wife, Barbee, and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Scandinavia, most of the time on a Viking Cruise.  A great cruise experience - my first.  We are well and Seattle is a very busy city.

From: John Sprague
October 7, 2018
As we approach our 66th wedding anniversary Jid's memory is slowing down a bit, as are my legs.  Weekend family visits to our Williamstown home keep us active, and I am working with a film group on a documentary of my grandfather Frank J. Sprague's 1888 electrification of the Richmond, VA, street railway system.  He has kept me very busy the last 15 years or so.

From: Dewitt Bowman
October 6, 2018
After my first year at Princeton I transferred to the USAF s a pilot in the air defense command for five years, returning to the University of Wisconsin, graduating in 1957.  Since then I have worked in banking and investment management, retiring last year to Villa Marin in San Rafael, CA.  I still enjoy receiving news of Princeton.

From: Robert ter Horst
October 6, 2018
The shrinkage of the class that George Aman mentions also occurs in one's private life.  I'm now the only extant member of the five who made up the immediate family into which I was fborn.  Many, many non-Princeton friends are also gone.  It's rather lonely but I continue to function pretty well.

From: Albert Gilgen
October 6, 2018
Living in large historic house being well taken care of by daughter Beth and son Bert.  Older son Jim living close by managing is consignment shop.  Walking difficult but mind OK.

From: Bob Lamperti
October , 2018
Not getting around much any more.  Fell and broke my right hip in June.  Using a walker.

From: Walter Liebman
October 4, 2018
Still Breathing!

From: Dave Smith
August 8, 2018

Dear Classmates - The Smiths are back in Houston, Texas


Lois and I arrived back in Houston Monday afternoon, August 6th after driving 4,500 miles roundtrip. We were scheduled to spend two days in Camden, Maine after our cruise but decided at 6:00 PM with Lois coughing we needed to get Lois to her home town (Bingham) where she has friends and get some medicine. We reached Bingham at 9 PM in a thunderstorm Saturday night. Sunday morning at 4 AM Dave woke up with an earache.and then both ears ruptured. Our son in law, John, in Houston had medicine provided by the Bingham Drug store at 9:30 AM Monday morning. We began our recovery but decided to spend two days in Bingham to rest. My A.T.&T. cellphone did not have service in Bingham which added to the drama while Lois's Verizon cellphone would function when she was in line with the Verizon tower in Moscow, Maine.  I saw my Houston Ear Doctor ( Princeton '83) yesterday, August 7th and am slowly getting my hearing back. Lois still has a little cough.  We enjoyed the cruise and the companionship of all the classmates. Unfortunately the respiratory ailment we all contacted makes future mini reunion cruises questionable. We were saddened to learn that Ellen was in the hospital and hope by now she has recovered.


Best regards to all. Lois and Dave Smith

From: Bob Ruxin '76
August 2, 2018
Here is a link to the online guide to the Dick Kazmaier papers held at the Princeton University Archives. You can view it here:  I had the honor to work with Dick from 1986 until his death.  
Sincerely, Bob Ruxin '76, President, Kazmaier Associates, Inc.

Editor's note: For those of you who share classes with Dick, this might be of particular interest as it the collection includes Dick's class reports, notes, etc. together with scrapbooks, awards, and other items of interest.

From: Ed Tiryakian
July 29, 2018
Just back from Toronto attending, with 6000 persons, the World Congress of Sociology, where I gave two well-received papers. Highlight for me was to meet Alex Mills, who took me on a grand tour of this bustling metropolis.

From: Roger McLean
July 2018
Roger and Latie McLean attended a packed memorial service in Falmouth, Maine, for John Parker in July at the church near his home on the shore of Casco Bay. All four of his children spoke lovingly of his life, principally of his favorite sports, skiing, tennis and chasing lost golf balls. John was well known in the Portland area and was noted, among other things, for adventurous rappelling off high buildings for a good cause at an advanced age. He had struggled with a form of bone marrow cancer for most of the year.

From: Pete Cartwright            
May 14, 2018  
I am doing well, keeping active on Boards at University of California, Santa Cruz and other activities.  A busy semi-retirement at my home overlooking Monterey Bay.  I'd welcome any visitors who are in this area.

From: Carol [Mrs. Hal] Saunders

May 14, 2018  

Hal left all his papers - 25 years at State & 35 at Sustained Dialogue/Kettering to George Mason's School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution. Their library is digitizing all 50 or so archival boxes.  I commissioned a portrait of Hal to hang in GMU's new conference center, Point of View, that they've named The Rosalynn & Jimmy Carter Center - a mini Camp David. I hope to have an unveiling mid - late November w/presentations by some GMU students who used Hal's papers in their research. I hope you'll be able to come.

From: Bob Eby
April 14, 2018 
Connie and I are staying active while enjoying life here at The Cedars retirement community.  Still raveling a lot - NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Wisconsin, and some to Lewis & Clark territory.  Also go each year to Santa Fe, NM for a week of opera.


From: Bob Jiranek

April 17, 2018  
Under the leadership of Ed Tiryakian members of the Class of 1952, along with other Princetonians, met on April 16th for our annual spring luncheon in Durham, N.C.


The bottle of Seavy wine shown in the picture was provided by Ed and illustrates the importance pf past achievement that continues. Bill Seavy's family, sons and daughter, Dorie, maintain and improve the family goal of providing fine Estate Wine.


At the gathering Dr. Kieran Healy, a Princeton PhD, gave a review of how graphics may be used for digital analysis and understanding. Poorly done, Dr. Healy showed how digital analysis can result in "fake news", although he did not use the term, "fake news".
We are pleased that Ed is doing such a fine job of keeping us focused. His reward will be in Heaven.


From: Banks Anderson

April 25, 2018
Nancy and I have a small cottage at The Forest at Duke CCRC in Durham, NC. Two of our 3 children and families are within 45 minutes and the youngest daughter and family are in the process of moving from Natick, MA to Vienna, VA… 4.5 hrs distant by car. Nancy and I are celebrating our first great grandchild. I confess it does seem odd to me that my daughter is a grandmother. Hope you and yours are doing well.

From: George Aman
January 21, 2018

HI George and All:

               As indicated by the message below Ellen and I attended the service for Gary yesterday. It was superb, in every detail. Not to be missed. I’ll send a copy of the program to anyone who wants one (It’s 6 pages).



"Dear Mrs. Andlinger and Family:

               I am writing as the President of the Class of ’52 to express to you the deepest sympathy of the Class on the death of your husband Gary who was our loyal and respected Classmate.  

                My wife Ellen and I attended your beautiful service yesterday celebrating Gary’s life held in the Princeton University Chapel. We heard the words of respect and gratitude from Princeton’s President and Gary’s colleagues and then the  loving remembrances from his family. We sang  the hymns and listened to the beautiful music (the magical flute). All of that gave us a wonderful picture of Gary and his family.  

               Then we enjoyed the fine hospitality at the reception in the Andlinger Center. There we met several people who had worked with Gary, including two who described him as "spiritual” and "a great man.” We are sorry we did not meet you.  However we will have fond memories of the occasion, and the Class will long remember Gary.  

George M. Aman III,

Class President”

From: Karis Cha '18
January 9, 2018
My name is Karis Cha, and I am a student at Princeton University, in part thanks to the Bruce A. Beery, Class of 1952, Scholarship.  I just wanted to reach out and say "thank you" for allowing me the privilege to attend this prestigious school that would have been beyond my wildest dreams.

I am graduating this year from the Woodrow Wilson School.  I have been focusing on health policy and international development; my thesis is on family structure in India (specifically, how parents' marital quality affects children's health).  On campus, I am mainly involved in Manna Christian Fellowship, in which I serve as a junior small group leader, and Six14 Christian Dance Company, for which I am the president.  I have enjoyed many wonderful friendships born out of my time at Princeton, as well as much academic and spiritual enrichment.  again, thank you for your family's contribution to my stay here.

Please let me know if you are on campus in the coming semester, and I would be glad to meet you or show you around campus.  My email is                                Blessings, Karis Cha  


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